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Need ability to detect if CRM Online is a trial subscription or a paid subscription.

Author Name: Shan McArthur

I would like to be able to offer CRM Online trial customers a trial of my application as well. I would like to detect if the current CRM organization that my ISV product is running in is in a trial subscription or a paid subscription. Please add an API for me to be able to determine the subscription status.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Shan - The CRM Administrators Portal shows how many days are left in the trail period. Did you mean a way on the MAIN CRM screen for all users to see?
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Anne, he means a way to interpret the subscription status from within his Plugins/Code. I surmise that it's mean to circumvent licensing restrictions for the CRM Online trial's duration. I think this would be nice for ISVs, such as Shan. If a prospect could spin up a trial with a custom brew of solutions that support conjoint trials, they would reduce overhead and spin-up time, while more quickly and thoroughly familiarizing themselves with the tools they are exploring to meet their needs.