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Need separate security roles for Power Apps/Automate than 1st party or official apps applications.

Need additional security roles that are exclusive to power apps/power automate separate and distinct from the roles and permission granted to the 1st party Dynamics apps (Sales, Customer Service, etc.)  Or the functional equivalent.


Security roles for 1st party apps are defined based on the application requirement.  Fields available to the user , data validation and formatting and other rules is augmented by the form controls and JavaScript.


When granting a Power License to the 'citizen developer' they immediately have access to all the fields for the set of tables used by the first party app provided by their role.  All the extra controls on data validation, formatting and integrity provided by the 1st party app are bypassed and they can practically do what they want without the same control.


Leaving aside the obvious security gap, it places the 1st party apps at risk to data integrity issues.

Status: New