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Nested Galleries - Expand Limit to At Least 3 Nested Galleries

Currently, PowerApps allows for nested galleries of 2 (one gallery with a single gallery inside of it).


I would like galleries to be expanded to allow for up to 3 levels of nesting.

(A gallery inside of a gallery inside of a gallery).  A critical requirement of said nesting is that deeper levels can access the "ThisItem" parameter of parent galleries.


Example Application:  Family Tree Display

Master Gallery.Items = Table of Generations (ThisItem gives you a generation which is a table of tables(families))

Middle Gallery.Items = ThisGeneration.Families (ThisItem gives you a table for a family in the generation)

Last Gallery.Items = ThisFamily.FamilyMember (ThisItem gives you an individual family member)


As per my title, I would like to see the nested capabilities expanded to AT LEAST 3 levels - however, hierarchical relationships are applicable in a wide range of applications/businesses.  I could see this being a fantastic way to view/manipulate data in a hierarchical structure....but we need the nesting! 🙂

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New Member

This would help me a ton with a project I'm working on. I feel like this one would be a quick win.

Super User

I hope PowerApps team considers this request. A much required feature ! Like the requestor mentioned at least 3 levels is a must !!

Helper III

this would be extremely useful for a project i am doing.