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Nested Galleries - Expand Limit to At Least 3 Nested Galleries

Currently, PowerApps allows for nested galleries of 2 (one gallery with a single gallery inside of it).


I would like galleries to be expanded to allow for up to 3 levels of nesting.

(A gallery inside of a gallery inside of a gallery).  A critical requirement of said nesting is that deeper levels can access the "ThisItem" parameter of parent galleries.


Example Application:  Family Tree Display

Master Gallery.Items = Table of Generations (ThisItem gives you a generation which is a table of tables(families))

Middle Gallery.Items = ThisGeneration.Families (ThisItem gives you a table for a family in the generation)

Last Gallery.Items = ThisFamily.FamilyMember (ThisItem gives you an individual family member)


As per my title, I would like to see the nested capabilities expanded to AT LEAST 3 levels - however, hierarchical relationships are applicable in a wide range of applications/businesses.  I could see this being a fantastic way to view/manipulate data in a hierarchical structure....but we need the nesting! 🙂

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This would help me a ton with a project I'm working on. I feel like this one would be a quick win.

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I hope PowerApps team considers this request. A much required feature ! Like the requestor mentioned at least 3 levels is a must !!

Helper III

this would be extremely useful for a project i am doing.

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We need it!

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A genuine requirement in a lot of use cases! Please take up this request.

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There should be no limit on nested galleries, there also should be no limit on how many records can be delegated from sharepoint, power apps as a whole needs work to be more dynamic. For example making an API call for records shouldn't be limited to 500 records for performance, on the client side only a certain amount should be shown that's how you work around performance, but the API call shouldn't have limits like that. Using operators like in < = etc should have no issue. Nested galleries should have no limit because again it should be about how much data is actually loaded at once on the client and not about how many components are accessing data. When I write an app using react and firebase for example. I can have a component that makes a call to my database, and inside that compent another component that also makes a call and so on. Usually this isn't needed, but just as an example that's something that is completely possible in normal web development that causes no performance issues because at the end of the day the performance comes from how much data is being loaded in the client at one time. Another issue that really bugs me is that you can't select a parent of a parent when using containers, which is just silly to me. Compenents can't access global variables again that's silly. These are pretty basic things in development that almost every web developer uses, and I know web developers helped work on PA so I don't know how these features were overlooked.

Advocate IV

Would be nice if a Microsoft team member would give any sort of response on this as requests for multi-level galleries have been around since 2019, and other low-code/no-code platforms make this readily available! Really crippling to not have support for multiple nested galleries...


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