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New function: RefreshApplication() to force entire app to reload


Every time I make a change to the Power App applications for my organization (not changes to the datasources, but the actual app) my users do not receive the updates, even if they close and re-open the application. Instead they have to slide the 3 buttons on the left side of the screen and hit the powerapps refresh button and then relaunch the application. Most users arent aware of the 3 buttons on the left, and this "workflow" is not very intuitative. Forcing the users to uninstall and reinstall is even worse of a work around.


Is there any way to force the app to do a full-refresh like there is for refreshing datasources (ie refresh(datasource) ).... maybe something like "RefreshApplication()"?



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Status: Under Review

We are investigating options. Thank you for your feedback and patience,



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Fully agree.


We had a specific case of an event management app which required app modifications throughout the convention. Even when publishing the changes didn't refresh the app on end user side. They had to open the app 2 times before changes were displayed.



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Fully agree on this. Not convinient at all at the moment.

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To not be able to trust that testers have the proper version of my application is very troubling.  i though about capturing a compile number to make sure we are using the same version and couldnt find one.  As a new develper on powerapps, this really unnerves me.  the amount of time it takes to make sure everything is in synche and, not to mention, the lack of confidence in the application by the user is totally unnaceptable.  it is hard enough to get users to trust the cloud, and then to undermine the confidence in the stability of such a great product is unacceptable.

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Status changed to: Under Review

We are investigating options. Thank you for your feedback and patience,



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+1 any News?

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Totally agree. could be :

- useful regarding the 'digital maturity' of the users

- security issues if the update dramatically change the way a table is used...

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Hello Guys,

Any news on the investigated options?

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Any update?  This limitation severely impacts the usability of the app.

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+1 this would be nice!

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Was this ever resolved by Microsoft???