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New function: RefreshApplication() to force entire app to reload


Every time I make a change to the Power App applications for my organization (not changes to the datasources, but the actual app) my users do not receive the updates, even if they close and re-open the application. Instead they have to slide the 3 buttons on the left side of the screen and hit the powerapps refresh button and then relaunch the application. Most users arent aware of the 3 buttons on the left, and this "workflow" is not very intuitative. Forcing the users to uninstall and reinstall is even worse of a work around.


Is there any way to force the app to do a full-refresh like there is for refreshing datasources (ie refresh(datasource) ).... maybe something like "RefreshApplication()"?



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Status: Under Review

We are investigating options. Thank you for your feedback and patience,



Frequent Visitor

Why has this not been resolved after two years?!


PowerApps are a neat idea but having worked on one for a couple of weeks I can only say: This is Early Access at best. Fundamental features are missing, it is buggy and cumbersome and there is zero development speed visible. Looks like the Edge team is the only good team at Microsoft.

Helper I

Has there been any update regarding this ? Its been over 3 years now since this was brought up and to still not have any solution is really disheartening !!

Frequent Visitor

Are there any updates to this? It is much needed, I cannot be sure that all my end users have the bug fixes when they are using the app and this can cause issues with data integrity. It has been almost 4 years...

Helper I

Whenever Microsoft pops up that survey box asking if I would recommend PowerApps to a friend, the answer is always a Zero. This issue is one of those reasons. I hate using this half-baked pie of an application.