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Notify - add autodisappear and time function

Great to be able to give notifications to the user.


But I think it would be a great idea to add to parameters:

  1. Auto-disappear function - this should be a choice
  2. Time to show before the trickering 1. - this should be optional, so only with 1 selected to Auto-disappear and with a default if not filled.

Formula will then be:

Notify("Text to display", Type off notification, true/false, 2000) 

Last parameter in miliseconds, like in the timer.



Reason is simply that it's irritating for a user when it's needed to manually click away the notification bar, especially when it a information or success notification. For the error and warning I could amagine that you want this manual actie to be performed.


Hope for the support off the community for this functionality.

Status: Completed

This work has made it to production.   The Notify function documentation has also been updated. 


Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any feedback.   Thanks!

Frequent Visitor

I second this...we need this added!

Kudo Kingpin

This is so obvious and likely not terribly difficult to accomplish... any update on when this basic functionality might be available?

Advocate III

They could give this to one of their junior developers to knock out in a day! Not sure why simple improvements aren't being rolled out quickly..!? It's frustrating.

Frequent Visitor

Yes, I need this too!


Advocate III

@iSpeak don't hold your breath mate 😞

Not applicable

Still no update? It's been a year since it was tagged "Under Review"

Frequent Visitor

I would like this functionality. Please add!

New Member

come on Microsoft add this timer!

Regular Visitor

Need this too

Regular Visitor

Yup me too, would be a great little UX improvement!