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Notify - add autodisappear and time function

Great to be able to give notifications to the user.


But I think it would be a great idea to add to parameters:

  1. Auto-disappear function - this should be a choice
  2. Time to show before the trickering 1. - this should be optional, so only with 1 selected to Auto-disappear and with a default if not filled.

Formula will then be:

Notify("Text to display", Type off notification, true/false, 2000) 

Last parameter in miliseconds, like in the timer.



Reason is simply that it's irritating for a user when it's needed to manually click away the notification bar, especially when it a information or success notification. For the error and warning I could amagine that you want this manual actie to be performed.


Hope for the support off the community for this functionality.

Status: Completed

This work has made it to production.   The Notify function documentation has also been updated. 


Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any feedback.   Thanks!

Frequent Visitor

Need! it is frustrating when the notification covers the apps Header or Top Navigation.

please add ! its a must!

Advocate III

It doesn't even go away half the time you have to manually close it out.. also when testing you can't close from preview as the notification bar pops up again if it's not fully disappeared.. So frustrating!


Abysmal UX.. this teams really need sort out these annoying issues.

Regular Visitor

It would be great to have this function plus being able to choose where you want the notification is also a must since projects have different approaches.

Regular Visitor

I would suggest a color option as a parameter as well. My Marketing and Communications team won't like the dark shade of green on successes, meaning I'll have to build my own home-brew solution since that tint of green isn't company approved. Petty, I know, but that means more work for me. Love the idea though!

New Member

Not sure if simply an auto disappear would help, in fact it does auto disappear as far as I have seen but after a long while....I suggest there should be an option for developers to clear notification when they want to by calling ClearNotifications or something like that etc. Usually dev's would add validations across various fields or datacards and if validation fails we would add a message as notification. I could be wrong but it seems currently the notification stays for a certain fixed time and then disappears on its own. Now imagine this - the end user sees the validation error message, obliges and corrects the input and submits again, the submission goes through successfully, we are now on a different screen but the error message about the field validation still shows up, how weird. You got to give developers an option to decide when to make the notification disappear. EVen better if the form detects a fresh submit and makes any previous notifications disappear immediately (can't think which notifications would make sense across 2 different form submits). Hope this detailed explanation and reasoning about why we desperately need this feature helps.

Frequent Visitor

Please add this feature  🙂

Advocate II

@CWesener, do you have an update on this?


We're trying out the notify in our apps.  So far, our users hate it because it doesn't go away quick enough and is very annoying for them.

Regular Visitor

Some features, like this one, should exist by default. Such an anoying UX issue.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Started

We have added an additional timeout argument to Notify:


Notify( Message [, NotificationType [ , Timeout ] ] )

  • Message – Required. Message to display to the user.
  • NotificationType – Optional. Type of the message to display from the table above. The default is NotificationType.Information.
  • Timeout – Optional. Number of milliseconds to wait before automatically dismissing the notification. The default is 10 seconds (or 10,000 milliseconds). The notification will be displayed indefinitely with a Timeout of 0.

This will be deployed worldwide within the next four weeks.

Advocate II

Hi @GregLi ,


Is this still on track to be rolled out?


We have a major app going live next month and would like to get this change in before UAT & roll-out.