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Notify - add autodisappear and time function

Great to be able to give notifications to the user.


But I think it would be a great idea to add to parameters:

  1. Auto-disappear function - this should be a choice
  2. Time to show before the trickering 1. - this should be optional, so only with 1 selected to Auto-disappear and with a default if not filled.

Formula will then be:

Notify("Text to display", Type off notification, true/false, 2000) 

Last parameter in miliseconds, like in the timer.



Reason is simply that it's irritating for a user when it's needed to manually click away the notification bar, especially when it a information or success notification. For the error and warning I could amagine that you want this manual actie to be performed.


Hope for the support off the community for this functionality.

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @emmac

Level: Powered On

Need! it is frustrating when the notification covers the apps Header or Top Navigation.

please add ! its a must!

Level: Powered On

It doesn't even go away half the time you have to manually close it out.. also when testing you can't close from preview as the notification bar pops up again if it's not fully disappeared.. So frustrating!


Abysmal UX.. this teams really need sort out these annoying issues.

Level: Powered On

It would be great to have this function plus being able to choose where you want the notification is also a must since projects have different approaches.

Level: Powered On

I would suggest a color option as a parameter as well. My Marketing and Communications team won't like the dark shade of green on successes, meaning I'll have to build my own home-brew solution since that tint of green isn't company approved. Petty, I know, but that means more work for me. Love the idea though!