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Notify - add autodisappear and time function

Great to be able to give notifications to the user.


But I think it would be a great idea to add to parameters:

  1. Auto-disappear function - this should be a choice
  2. Time to show before the trickering 1. - this should be optional, so only with 1 selected to Auto-disappear and with a default if not filled.

Formula will then be:

Notify("Text to display", Type off notification, true/false, 2000) 

Last parameter in miliseconds, like in the timer.



Reason is simply that it's irritating for a user when it's needed to manually click away the notification bar, especially when it a information or success notification. For the error and warning I could amagine that you want this manual actie to be performed.


Hope for the support off the community for this functionality.

Status: Started

We have added an additional timeout argument to Notify:


Notify( Message [, NotificationType [ , Timeout ] ] )

  • Message – Required. Message to display to the user.
  • NotificationType – Optional. Type of the message to display from the table above. The default is NotificationType.Information.
  • Timeout – Optional. Number of milliseconds to wait before automatically dismissing the notification. The default is 10 seconds (or 10,000 milliseconds). The notification will be displayed indefinitely with a Timeout of 0.

This will be deployed worldwide within the next four weeks.

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Very useful! I could need it for my current project.
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Yes. An auto-disable option is a must. Any general information/message just keeps sticking at the top permanently blocking the app header unless, user expliciltly closes it.

Power Apps Staff
Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @emmac

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Additionally a seperate function to clear ALL notifactions would be very useful.

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Yes please, this would be very useful! I have built a webshop-PowerApp and a success Notify appears whenever someone adds something to their cart. Would be a big improvement if there was a timer option to make the Notify disappear after  3-5 seconds. 

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I'm aware this is not a petition, but for the record I'm in favour!

Great idea, please Microsoft put in on the wall.


Thank you.


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I agree with everything that has been said here!


Please add this Microsoft!


Thank you

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Yes! Would be very useful. Have exactly the same request from my customer... As a workaround created custom label which automatically disappears with the help of timer control.

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Very useful! The notification bar sticks around for far too long by default. I'd also like to be able to position it elsewhere! 


Actually I would really like to be able to apply HTML5 and CSS to my screens.



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Very useful!

Please add this feature