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Number series in PowerApp

It should be supported to create prospects, customers, vendors etc. through PowerApp to D365 FO. 

At this moment there is no logic in PowerApp for creating number series and when trying to connect the app to a D365FO number series, it does not update the number series correctly. 


It would be a huge advantage if PowerApp can be used to create these records in D365FO. The users "on the road", like sellers, will get a simplified and easier user interface, that helps them create records on-the-go.


Please consider to make this change. Thank you.

Status: New
Helper I

I am trying to use PowerAutomate for creating D365 F&O Inventory movement journal header, and I am having the same roadblock.  Can not retrieve the next number in the auto-series automatically and update the number sequence.  I've read that you need to have a developer customize the entity to do this, which defeats the point of lo-code/ no-code!