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Numbered Items in a Gallery


As shown above, I have a gallery with a couple of entries in it. I am wanting be number each entry based off of which row it is in. If it is the first entry (in the first row), then I would like to have the number 1 displayed in a text box.


In the above screenshot, I had "ThisItem.Description" as the main label, but wanted the number to be next to that. I created a second text box to try to test my desired action. I ended up trying an html text editor because it would allow the same look as a normal text box (unlike the rich text editor). With this, I tried the following code:

Concatenate("<ol><li>", ThisItem.Description)


This returned the correct look that I was wanting, but when I added a second entry to the gallery, the system did not auto-increment the number. Is there any way to accomplish this task?


Thank you in advance.

Status: New