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OAuth 2.0 via Local DataGateway on Custom Connector

Dear Microsoft Support,


for security purposes it would be helpful to also activate OAuth 2.0 on PowerApps Custom Connectors even if you use the local datagateway option.


Currently if you don't use local data gw, you're able to select the OAuth 2.0 option on the security tab. After activating the "Use Local Data Gateway" Option on the first tab of the custom connector, you're only allowed to use Windows or Basic Auth.


Without this option, effort to support security standards on local APIs can be significantly higher for a low/no code developer to integrate local data on a PowerApp solution.


Best regards,


Status: New
New Member

Isn't that a common requirement to access a shared service that has a OAuth2 authentication, no matter of the service being public or private?


I'm waiting for this, too. 🙂

New Member

I highly appreciate this solution, can't wait for it!