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Office 365 Group Calendar

So I'm guessing this falls into the graph/planner/groups general connector type context, although it seems odd that I can access and overlay group calendars onto my own calendar within mail, but not get to them through my Office 365 connector.

So basically, group calendar access through either a groups connector or the existing Office 365 calendar method.



Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @LanceDelano

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Yeah I find it very odd that I can't post to a group calendar. 

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Very useful feature. I can see all my own calendars, but why not those of my teams / groups?

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Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @LanceDelano

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Doing a complete solution to Leave Requests, I'd like to use a group calendar.

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Any news about shared calendar in powerApss?


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Alot of people are still looking for this functionality please! If we can access the Shared Calendar via Sharepoint just via our SSO credentials to grab Sharde Calendar Events with a Web Part, there should be no reason that PowerApps cannot grab the events and arrnage dispaly on tiles on a screen that "looks" like a calendar?

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This would be very useful for us too. Any news if this feature will be provided in a near future?

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Would like to have such a feature too. It would be great to show all people like the meeting planning overview in outlook, where you can see if an employee has a meeting date. It should look similar but instead time, there could be a week or month.

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This is a show stopper for Group/Teams based PowerApp solution development.

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So this has been Under Review since August 2018.


Can someone from Microsoft please tell us if 'Under Review' is code for "We've either forgotten about it or we aren't going to do anything about it, but we don't want you to know that...."


Being able to post events and edit events in a Group Calendar would hugely increase the scope of PowerApps I could write for my company....