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Office Lens functionality integration



My idea is to add Office Lens functionality to PowerApps.


It can be either lauching the app on the user's phone or adding Office Lens API to the camera on PowerApps.

This idea came from a project that I'm developing. It can be very useful if you want to scan your receipts or other useful documents that you need. If we take the idea of scanning the receipt and if we join Computer Vision API, with some ML (Machine Learning), we could get all the data from the receipt and create a new entry on Dynamics NAV, for example.


I think it's an useful integration.


Best regards,

Jorge Moreira

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @FilipK

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I would agree.  I'm looking to scan receipts and some text data, then add to Excel spreadsheet and save the image on SharePoint.   

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Integrate with Office Lens scan document/whiteboard functionality

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 Hi JoelBrunton,


The actual usecase is I need to integrate the office lens in my project.


Can you please help me out, how can I integrate the Office Lens in Powerapps 

i.e. when I click on capture button it should open the office lens and capture the image. 




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I am with you all, I have an app that I would like to use Office Lens to upload a Candiate's resume in a PowerApps  form to a MSSQL DB back end!

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Do we have a solution yet?


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We need this for many use cases. e.g. scanning business card to contact info.

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would be great!!

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Office lens is my most recommended app to staff. The ability to cleanly scan/Photo a document is great. Many of the apps we have in development would benefit from calling this app instead of camera.

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Any idea on how to take multiple pictures and combine as a single document/pdf/jpg in PowerApps now ?? Please help !

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This would be awesome. Scan documents and upload to Sharepoint with your own App in PowerApps. Love to see that in PowerApps. 


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