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Office number availability in Org Browser

I can only see and show the cell phone number for employees in org browser.  There should be a bit of code available to view users office numbers as well.  I have been informed by Microsoft, it is like this by design and that really makes no sense as very few of our users have company work phones but they all have office numbers. 


The work around has been descibed as putting users office numbers in the cell phone slot but that would make it impossibl tpo show both for users that have cell numbers and be confusing for users that are looking for the correct number. 


I would like to be able to show both the cell phone and office phone of all users.


Will this be resolved anytime in the upcoming future???

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I have been looking at this myself in the last few weeks. I do know that when I make a new connection for Office 365 Users I can see that the BusinessPhones shows up in the Collections as a table icon. And when I drill down on the table icon I can see the value.

I would tend to agree that someone made a bad call on what field should take priority on a company used app. Could they swap the TelephoneNumber to BusinessPhones at least?

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Me too!


I'm looking into a company directory solution for our medium sized business.  PowerApps would be a nice fit except for this issue.  I need to display both office phone and mobile phone.

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Ok, so I figured this out and forgot to post the resolution.


For the office phone I had to use a dropdown box and used the code "First(EmployeeProfile).BusinessPhones" (No quotes).


I then used a text box for Mobile and used the code "If(IsBlank(First(EmployeeProfile).mobilePhone),"-",First(EmployeeProfile).mobilePhone)" (no quotes) and this worked for me.


Make sure you use the correct type of box (dropdown or Text) as descibed above or the code will not work.


Hope this works for you as well.

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Wargrym I have tried your suggestion regarding a dropdown box for the addition of Office Number however when I paste First(EmployeeProfile).BusinessPhones into the data field it says BusinessPhones is an invalid name. Any ideas?  The only option I seem to have are mobilephone or telephonenumber. I tried telephonenumber and it gives the same values as mobilephone. 

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Figured it out. I had to delete the Office 365 users data connection and re-add it. Seems like this is a bug when using the org browser template. Cheers for the information regarding the dropdown, its working a treat. 

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Hi Wargrym and HeritageUser 


That's perfect - I had the same issue and your solution worked for me too! 🙂

Now I am just tryign to format the dropdown box so it looks as similar to the mobile phone box as possible.



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Hi Wargrym and HeritageUser,


I am trying to make the displayed businessphone selectable to launch a call - have you been able to achieve this? 


When editing the OnSelect action to the following, I receive an error and the launch action does not work.



Any ideas?


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@Anonymous unfortunately I havent been able to get businessphone to be clickable to launch a call. I think this may be down to the fact that we are using a dropdown box. 


Mobilephone works in terms of launching a call on Windows Mobile handsets such as the Lumia 950 but does not work on iPhones. Do you have this issue?


Also just in case you didnt already know there is also a known issue when first launching the app where the following error message is displayed. 


'The service returned an error: Office365Users!DirectReports:The method 'DirectReports' has an invalid value for parameter 'userid'. 






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I have had the same problem with the org browser I was working with, but what I ended up doing was using the mobile phone data and splitting it into 2 strings So I would take the first 8 characters and that is



* If(Len(First(Employee).mobilePhone) < 8, " - ",Left(First(Employee).mobilePhone, 8))


and then take the last 4 characters (5555) for an extension


If(Len(First(Employee).mobilePhone) < 4, "-", (Right(First(Employee).mobilePhone, 4)))


The if statements make sure to check if there is enough characters to fufill both numbers if it is less than 4 than there is no extension, and if it is less than 8 (7 numbers and a dash -) then there might only be an extension or no number at all

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Sorry it took so long to respond but I have not looked a this for a long while.


I was able to make both the Office and mobile number callable by pushing the phone button next to the number.


I basically just duplicated the existing phone button with the correct code. 


For office I used:

Launch("tel:"& Dropdown1.Selected.Value)


For Mobile I used:



Remember this is the code for the small button to the right of the number with the handset.