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Offline mode

Provide some sort of cache to allow offline input and let it sync afterwards


Kris Buntinx shared this idea  ·                      


Status: Planned

First off let us acknowledge how important this feature is to mobile scenarios.  "Always connected" is simply not a workable assumption for mobile scenarios which range from field workers in remote locations to sales agents in spotty wifi places in a city or building.  And while we did release, in 2016, a set of features that allow PowerApps customers to fashion an "offline" story programmatically, it was not the "off the shelf", no code, low code kind of experience you should expect in PowerApps.  In order to build this we need good support and interaction from a back-end.  We have, currently in progress, foundational work in CDS to enable this feature.  Once that capability is enabled, we will enable features in PowerApps to take advantage of it.  While there is work in progress on CDS, I do not want to mark this as "Started" until we have started the work on the PowerApps side and we can talk more concretely about a timeline.  So, for now it will be marked as "Planned".  But do understand that we plan to enable this and that we're taking the foundational steps to make it great. 

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This would be an invaluable feature OOB. As has been highlighted, when you look at some of the existing form based solutions there aren't too many which offer the ability to temporarily hold data if there's no connectivity.

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When is this coming?

Please indicate whether to wait or go straight to azure apps instead.

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Project Siena had this functionality through the LoadData and SaveData functions which allowed us to save data into the users local profile. I had prototyped a number of small apps for caching Data offline and it worked well and I really liked the direction Siena was going in.. Siena also had an Update function for Updating and refreshing Data Sources. So it was reasonably straightforward to cache data from an online data source, say a SharePoint list, and cache it offline.. make changes offline and resync (Update) when back online.


Can we get the same functions implemented in PowerApps?


It would also be nice if we could have another function to verify if we are online or offline.. something simple like "isOffline()" would be good..    In projet Siena we had to do something funky like try and refresh a data set that we knew had content. we could then do a "Count()" on the data set and if it was 0 then I would assume we were offline.. it wasnt elegant, which is why i would like some sort of status function to detect our connectivity status..

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We certainly have offline in our backlog of features - all your asks / comments for this thread does increase the priority of that feature 🙂 So please keep such feedback and requests coming.


For the second part of the question from JamesMilne, we do have a function called Connection in powerapps for that. You can use Connection.Connected property which will return true if you are connected and false - if you are offline. Hope it helps.

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The connected property sounds ideal. I'll check it out once we get the loadData and saveData functions. This should make a great combination for offline apps.


another small piece of feedback from the Project Siena beta was there was an update button for resyncing data sources, but there were no equivalent update functions. The button worked like a treat, but we ended up with odd UI experiences where the UI needed an odd combination of buttons which made the GUI clunky. For example if you wanted to add a new item to a gallery bound to a data source, you had to use two buttons. The first button would use a collect function to add the new item to the data source collection and the second button would perform the update to push the change back to the data source.


it would be great to have an update function so we could bind multiple functions to a single button so we could do a "collect" and an "update" in a single button click.


looking forward to the next release 🙂

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Any update on when this feature may be available? I currently work with the Construction industry where they are usually the individuals who are putting in place everything it takes for an area to have internet. It would be great to have this functionality for them to submit offline.

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Cmon Microsoft we love your products but offline is a must. You are going to lose out in this race also if you don't make this happen. Too many use cases to list.
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I'v already posted, but I am going to make another comment - just to stress the importance of this feature. I remember a comment being left that said, the more exposure we give this, the more likely it will be implemented. So I encourage everyone reading this to double, triple, post in order to stress its necessity.


 an offline storage feature is not difficult to implement (seriously, put me on the payroll and ill do it), but it needs to be added. Way too many use-cases that require this.

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We would really like the offline feature as we often operate in ares with poor or no internet possibilities.

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We conduct audits in hospitals in the UK and ofen connectivity is very poor so offline is an absolute must feature. We tend to conduct audits with iPads completely offline then sync when back in the office over WiFi