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Offline mode

Provide some sort of cache to allow offline input and let it sync afterwards


Kris Buntinx shared this idea  ·                      


Status: Completed

Offline mode for Power Apps model-driven apps is now available globally. More information can be found here.

Advocate V

They should at least make it simpler to bring the saved files into a collection. Having to create a collection with null as data and to clear it before loading the saved data is not neat at all.

Advocate III

Any further updates on Phase 2 of this development? Or at least some real-world CRUD examples of how this could be implemented. 

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Whilst I am thankful that MS has started development of the offline approach its not really in a stage where its useful.


For example when connected the datasource uses DataSourceInfo to be able run validation on SubmitForm. 


With Local collections all that validation disappears and you have to manually patch in your updates. This becomes a right pain when the primary key is not visible on the EditForm as you cannot use LastSubmit and Updates only includes whats visible.


For me I would like to know what is planned for Phase 2 of development and a Roadmap for 2018



Advocate I

Any update on Phase 2 of this please? The workaround provided is not suitable for us in real life scenarios.

Power Apps
Status changed to: Planned

First off let us acknowledge how important this feature is to mobile scenarios.  "Always connected" is simply not a workable assumption for mobile scenarios which range from field workers in remote locations to sales agents in spotty wifi places in a city or building.  And while we did release, in 2016, a set of features that allow PowerApps customers to fashion an "offline" story programmatically, it was not the "off the shelf", no code, low code kind of experience you should expect in PowerApps.  In order to build this we need good support and interaction from a back-end.  We have, currently in progress, foundational work in CDS to enable this feature.  Once that capability is enabled, we will enable features in PowerApps to take advantage of it.  While there is work in progress on CDS, I do not want to mark this as "Started" until we have started the work on the PowerApps side and we can talk more concretely about a timeline.  So, for now it will be marked as "Planned".  But do understand that we plan to enable this and that we're taking the foundational steps to make it great. 

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Making the offline feature dependent upon CDS is a bit of a concern. What about Offline functionality on SharePoint Lists and Libraries?  If I have an Audit or Maintenance App that needs to go offline while a field worker is performing their work, it would be good to be able to cache documents and other content offline too. Making this feature dependent on CDS will over complicate things if someone just wants a Mobile app to interact with a List/Form and Cache a bunch of documents/pdfs. 

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Three years on Microsoft - what is your answer to providing "Offline" capabilities for PowerApps forms ?

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I came across this article. It might be useful.



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Dear All,


Any update on making Power Apps a solution natively handling the offline mode?

Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,



Power Apps
Status changed to: Completed

Offline mode for Power Apps model-driven apps is now available globally. More information can be found here.