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Offline mode

Provide some sort of cache to allow offline input and let it sync afterwards


Kris Buntinx shared this idea  ·                      


Status: Planned

First off let us acknowledge how important this feature is to mobile scenarios.  "Always connected" is simply not a workable assumption for mobile scenarios which range from field workers in remote locations to sales agents in spotty wifi places in a city or building.  And while we did release, in 2016, a set of features that allow PowerApps customers to fashion an "offline" story programmatically, it was not the "off the shelf", no code, low code kind of experience you should expect in PowerApps.  In order to build this we need good support and interaction from a back-end.  We have, currently in progress, foundational work in CDS to enable this feature.  Once that capability is enabled, we will enable features in PowerApps to take advantage of it.  While there is work in progress on CDS, I do not want to mark this as "Started" until we have started the work on the PowerApps side and we can talk more concretely about a timeline.  So, for now it will be marked as "Planned".  But do understand that we plan to enable this and that we're taking the foundational steps to make it great. 

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A lot of possilbe uses for this are negated without this feature...

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 I need this too

Microsoft Employee

Yes, Please!

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I've written three applications thus far and none of them could be fully productionized because of the need to be connected.   Offline Mode is a requirement, not an option.   Please provide this capability.

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Electrical Contractors,  cross country distribution and transmission, both pole suspended and underground crews are often in areas without service to their iPads and Offline safety briefs, job details, and laortime entry are a pre-req for our replacement of DoForms. 


Offline or bust. 


MSIgnite confrerence stated that the functionality was coming, do we have any projections on Q1...Q2?

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Offline usage is really crucial for acceptance of field workers.

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Is a necessity for us to replace solutions that no longer fit business purposes.

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Offline is absolutely important to a mobile workforce!!!

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This feature is a requirement before we will ever implement Stream.

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The product is uselsess to us without offline access.  Many of our 1000 users are out of WiFi or cellular range many times a day.