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OnSelect - Launch(Email) + Current Screen

I have proposed the ideas of Printing, the basic needs of all ERP / Productivity Apps and while awaiting PG to help include this features, I wish to have a workaround by having

- OnSelect to Launch Email and Attach with CURRENT Screen.



- This will be useful to send email with current screenshot, in which it may be a

(a) Receipt

(b) Picture

(c) Graphical presentation

(d) SImple Table, etc.

for others to receive and view, and Print from their computer as necessary.


Pleae support this as a workaround.



Status: Under Review
Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
Regular Visitor

Definately needed, several others have posted a similar suggestion.


Also enabling to send the current screen as a pdf to and email recipient.  For example a form or a request.