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OnSelect() for Enhanced Group

Please add an OnSelect() for the Enhanced Group control.


My primary need for this is not so much that I necessarily want an OnSelect() to fire when the enhanced group itself is selected, but instead so that members of the enhanced group can simply call Select( Parent ) in their own OnSelect() - just as can be done (and is the default for controls added to galleries) for Galleries.


In the past adding a new control to a group would indeed set that control's OnSelect() by default to Select(Parent), which would then cause an error since the enhanced group did not have an OnSelect().


WIthout this functionality, one has to MANUALLY have EACH MEMBER in the enhanced group select something outside of the enhanced group object if this is the desire, ie:

ie: perhaps you have an enhanced group with controls as a member of the gallery, when any control w/in the enhanced group is selected, you want the entire gallery item selected - my normal use case for desiring this.  Today one instead has to actually have each member of the enhanced group call Select() on another member of the gallery (that is NOT in an enhanced group and that itself has Select(Parent) in its OnSelect()) to achieve this behavior.  This is messy, causes errors, etc (ie: if that other member control has its OnSelect() changed, it messes up anything else trying to Select() it).  


Seems that this would be VERY useful.


Status: New
Super User

I like the idea... Smiley Happy

Voted !