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One App Container for Multiple apps

Wish to have an app container which can hold multiple apps. It would be really useful for the following scenario:


I need to build a big application with multiple modules. If I need to build them in a single app, this would require more number of controls and data connections which will exceed the prescribed threshold limit of 30 data connections and 500 coltrols. So I would need to create morethan one app, which is quiet clear. But if I want to enbed the PowerApps app in say SharePoint page, whenever I navigate from one app to another app (basically a differnt module  or section of application from an end user point of view), it has to be opened in a different browser window. I can not open the second app within the embedded contend editor web part on the same SharePoint page. As far as I know there is no other option.


So if there is an app container where I can hold all the published powerapps apps, where the container itself can be published. I can simply use the appcontainer app ID in my SharePoint Page webpart. When I navigate from one app to another app, it will load within the web part without refreshing the SharePoint page or navigation to a totally different SharePoint page.


This would overcome the some key limitations in building big applications using powerapps.



Status: New