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Opening for using the app outside your domain

It seams that you can let your organisation use the app, but I would love that users outside my domain also could get and use the app. That might be some of our customers f.i., so "Send invite" through email would be great!

Terje Førsund shared this idea  · 

Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Yes, this is much needed. We often host SharePoint environments with 3rd parties and these external users need to be able to run and author PowerApps in our environments. From a licensing perspective, it's ok to limit users who have the right PowerApps licenses themselves (they all would). But right now if I create a SPO site for external users and invite them, they cannot use (or author) any PowerApps. This is a real blocker, especially with InfoPath going away, and PowerApps seeming like a valid replacement!

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Good Morning. I would also like to know about this subject. We opened a small consulting firm and we need applications to make the processes of the companies we consult more dynamic. Our company is currently stuck at this point.

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I would like to use powerapps to allow board members to approve policies/documents in our SharePoint site. Currently, board members are external guest users in our Office 365 tenant. Please allow external users to use apps created by powerapps!


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Still no update on this?

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My company uses third party distributors to do their business worldwide. We need to share data with them and collect data from them and their customers. I initially thought that PowerApps was a brilliant solution to this problem. These distributors cannot be a part of our organization. I feel like I wasted a good part of my life trying to learn this App, only to find out it is useless to me. Please address this request!

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Most large organisations work with a various contractors and partners. Not being able to use this across platforms is an major issue. Solution please?

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Don't think this is ever going to happen. A work around you can use is to have one 365 license and call it something like

You can then have 5 devices load powerapps using this account. If a contractor leaves or finishes etc you can remove their access by changing the password.

The only downside to this is that all submissions will appear to be from the same user, but a login screen inside your app can solve this.

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this was suggested 3 years ago!

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B2B is a part of SPO, but now we cannot create forms.


Any updates on this?

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Like so many that have commented here, after doing preliminary research on Powerapps I felt like it was the perfect solution to so many of our business needs, then the hammer blow...... can't share outside the organisation!! 


We are very proficient with Excel, which is used to control a lot of our business processes, but we could almost double the productivity of our business with enabling our network of contractors access to aspects of our systems through Powerapps. It would have been perfect for disseminating new project information and getting infield information flowing back to us including photos and geotagging. 


Surely, surely... there must be a way to address the licensing issue if that is the sticking point. We would happily meet the cost for each of our contractors to have a subscription so they could access a powerapp we developed. There is not even the option, at any price. Please fix this issue.