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Opening for using the app outside your domain

It seams that you can let your organisation use the app, but I would love that users outside my domain also could get and use the app. That might be some of our customers f.i., so "Send invite" through email would be great!

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Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Can you please provide an update on this.. 2 years under review? come on!!!

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Microsoft is actively building the capability to enable sharing a canvas app with guest users. It was announced as part of the 2019 wave 2 release notes: 


You can invite external business partners, contractors, and third parties to run your company’s canvas apps. You can share your apps with any guest of your Azure Active Directory tenant. 


It will be available in public preview in August 2019. 

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Status changed to: Started
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Status changed to: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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@alaugMSFT- I'm following the instructions. Got the license assigned through AD, B2B settings are enabled and was able to share the App with my external guest user ( This user got the email in their Gmail account and clicked the link, logged into O365 with their guest credentials and then it wants to open the App but upon verifying the connections, it failed for the O365 Outlook connection (as my App generates an email). I opened outlook under their guest login and got a generic outlook_[longcode] mailbox, but that doesn't work either.What account is it looking for here?


Secondly - when using the Mobile PowerApp on iPhone 8/27 update installed - it's requiring a work or school account still to log in. So will that be updated as well or can guest users only use the browser version?


Hope you can clarify the steps you outlined earlier.

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@ReflexConsultin  - 


1. The Office 365 Outlook connector hasn't be updated to support guest access. The most up to date list of connectors updated for guest access can be found here:


2. It is possible for a guest to access an app on mobile, including users with a non work or school account. Right now, a guest user can only access an app from their mobile device by accessing the app via the app link in the 'An app was shared with you' email. 

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@alaugMSFT  - I have the external facing PowerApp up and running for my external (gmail) user after a brief period where there were still some bugs to fix on the microsoft side. Now that i'm working with it - I ran into the situation where I have a Camera Feature in this App for the external user to take a photo and post it into our sharepoint environment. However - as the external user opens the App through a browser (Safari) - when it gets to this screen - it says "Your camera isn't setup or you're already using it". During opening the app - it doesn't give you a chance to "Allow Access to your camera" (as it does opening the actual App).

Can you please confirm the steps to get this working or confirm whether this is an outstanding feature.

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@ReflexConsultin - Thanks for reaching out. Guest access allows guests to launch a canvas app. There were a couple of bugs that prevented guest access for users authenticating with a Microsoft Account. These are now fixed and it sounds like your guest is able to launch the canvas app. 


The absence of a prompt to "Allow Access to your camera" is orthogonal to to the fact a guest signed-in to use the app. Are you able to confirm the the camera isn't in use by another browser window or another app? These will prevent the camera from being available in the browser session running the app. If you still observe issues with the browser and not when running the app in the Windows, iOS or Android apps then you may want to clear the browser cache and relaunch the app in the browser. 

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@alaugMSFTI can confirm that I cleared the cache of both Safari and Google Chrome on my iPhone 10 IOS13.1.3. I have also installed the Edge browser on iOS and had to paste the link in it (it wasn't part of the browser choice - after you click on the Email "Open the App"). But neither of the browsers started the camera.

I double checked my Settings >Safari > Camera > Allowed. On my Laptop - it works fine and I can take a photo. On my iPhone - it's not working and interestingly enough, when it opens on my iPhone - it does state "Your App uses features that don't work on a browser..." - but doesn't specific which feature in my App. But i'm guessing it's the Camera part. This message does not appear in my Laptop browser.

Much appreciate if you can validate this on your end on an iPhone to see if this is another bug that will have be addressed.