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Opening for using the app outside your domain

It seams that you can let your organisation use the app, but I would love that users outside my domain also could get and use the app. That might be some of our customers f.i., so "Send invite" through email would be great!

Terje Førsund shared this idea  · 

Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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Very much needed! People outside the organization must be able to use developed Powerapps, similar to the way SharePoint allows external users to add to and read data.

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Thanks for the feedback - we will look at improving the share experience to include users outside the organization.


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If, for example, a customer is serious about your latest and day-to-day performance, sharing (Invite) with an Apps specially design to show (View) our company's performance will convince them of our company's effort - this is REAL Enterprise sharing of Apps, NOT only within organization.

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Yes, pls

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This will broaden the opportunities for developers to create solutions for clients.

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May I also suggest that when we create the capability to allow people from the outside to connect to these new apps, we should also consider the authentication aspect of it as well.  Allowing the use of third party providers to authenticate will be nice and secure (example:  Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, Other Organizations Active Directory, etc)

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Agreed. Making this as open and available as possible will go a long ways to making this relevant. I don't have the ability to create "real" apps, but I can make amazing apps with this program. But it becomes worthless for me if I can't share it outside my organization (also need to be available for personal accounts. There is no good reason to limit this to school and business only). Please address this asap! Thank you!
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Add B2C and B2B domain integration, so it can be managable

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Any udates on this? This would be a great featrue.   

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Today my organization just signed on with Microsoft for O365, which means it is now eligible for PowerApps. I have been making my apps through my personal domain though. My effective reach would multiply with being able to share with another domain.


@v-yamao-msft or @rgruian, can you give us an update if this is a near-term or long-term possibility?