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Opening for using the app outside your domain

It seams that you can let your organisation use the app, but I would love that users outside my domain also could get and use the app. That might be some of our customers f.i., so "Send invite" through email would be great!

Terje Førsund shared this idea  · 

Status: Completed

The ability to share canvas apps with external users is now availabile in public preview! The documentation can be found here:


The blog announcement is here:

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I spoke with the power apps team a few months back and here is whats going on...


To make this front facing, the licensing topic has to be addressed. Meaning how do they make it front facing without losing revenue? For example, If I develop an application for a client who doesn't have an Office 365 business license, then Microsoft would miss the revenue because you have unlicensed users utilizing the products. PowerApps was also designed for internal use.


I'd love to see this move forward. 

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Crucial feature for ISVs!  It would allow very non-technical customers to do data entry that would feed into  a Power BI app!!!  It seems the same embedded token model they use for Power BI could deal with the licensing issue.

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Can I ask is this suggestion a non mover? It seems to be from the comments and the time that has passed between it being submitted and now.

I am currently working on a 30 day plan 2 trial and would really like to move our companies data handling over to Azure and power apps. However not being able to share with people outside our organisation is a deal breaker.

Should we stick with AWS?

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Deal breaker also for me that this feature is not enabled. It is a "must have" to use with external users, just like OneDrive or SharePoint online.



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Finally started to evaluate PowerApps for my client and was quick to create a buzz with an initial prototype - but already running into these kinds of deal breaking constraints.
After this many years, what is holding this up? Critical to get adoption.

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I can’t believe that this has not been resolved yet. A deal breaker for much of our uses. Please address this.

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How about external users that already have a subscription that includes PowerApps?


How about external users whom we purchase a PowerApps license for?


Should these two scenarios not be supported? PowerApps still says "user is not inside your organization".

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We already pay for a premium subscription so we can use power bi embedded... 


"Your BI audience is widespread. Power BI Premium lets you distribute dashboards, reports, and other content broadly, without purchasing individual licenses for each recipient—whether they’re inside or outside your organization."


Where is the parity with PowerApps???


This will stop us using any powerapp so surely your loss of revenue is greater?!?

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It's under review for so long. Approve it please 🙂

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Any update on this? it is still under review??. I want access to delpoy in client domain. let me know if there is any work around