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Option to create an exe for a PowerApp

Hey all



I've been asked this many times if it is possible to create a standalone (.exe) PowerApp so that they can install it on their Phone/Desktop. Unfortunately I had to disappoint many customers because you can only pin apps and therefore they are in need of the PowerApps studio, and to be honest I don't see every person in the organisation install PowerApps studio to just use one app. It would be nice if there was an option to make an executable of an app.


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I totally agree, but unfortunately not much more people
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completely agree with that. anyone knows if MS has a plan to support this capability?

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If this idea gets no more votes, then MS will not notice the need for this.

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We want to use powerapps to create apps that CEO's uses.


Having a simple app just for what we created is much more convenient than explaining them how to use Powerapps.

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I would love this to happen but if we still have to share the data source with end users, I don't think this is happening anytime soon. Right now I'm more concerned if MS will actually solve the issue of end users haveing full access and control of my database if I decide to create and share an app made with PowerApps.

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3 years since the original post was made, can't believe this isn't a feature. Does anyone know if there are any plans for it to be, or is it a lost cause?

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5 years since first message was made, but still not here. I'm surprised that it's still not here. Also if it were, it would be a very useful feature.

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I think Powerapps Native is built using React Native.   Don't remember where I saw this at.  Any powerapp is just a list of expressions connected to a database and rendered using web languages.  So you would be installing a lot of bloat if you installed apps separately.  Plus there would be the problem with updating.  Now rather than updating one program from Microsoft's end they would need to push updates to each separate app installed on a local PC.


For anyone who catches this thread and is looking for a solution.  On mobile and on desktop, just pin the web address of your app.  You can even remove headers from the powerapp address (e.g. they won't see the main powerapps navigation bar).  Just delete the last "#" in the Url and add "&hidenavbar=true" to the end of the URL address.

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Oh ok. Do you work for Microsoft, or... and also, why couldn't they deploy it using Visual Studio A.I.? 


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A. I. as in the ai the WinForm and XAML Designer?