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Option to let COmboBox open full screen

I have an app that uses sharepoint as a back end.  The app has a lot of combo boxes on a single screen. It gets very 'busy' looking because when the user clicks to drop down one of the combo boxes, it hides the others. For multi-select combo boxes it is not intuitive to the user how to close the combo box.


It would be nice to [optionally] have a ne sceen open when the user clikde the dropdown arrow to reveal the values.  The new screen would have no other content than the values that can be selected. For single select  , the use would just click an item to select it. For multi select we could have an OK and Cancel button at the bottom of the screen to let the use indicate they are done selecting. 


I think this would be a much more usable UI.


I tried buliding this myself , but could not get it working for multiSelect items. I

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Yes, I agree with the multi-select combobox. I think it would be better to have a ok and cancel button similar to selecting dates. Users are confused on how to close the combobox especially when it has a lot of items.