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Option to open dependant objects

In the old Customization inteface when you selected to "Show dependencies" on and object like a field a user inteface opened from where you could click on the dependant objects and navigate to these objects. The "Show dependancies" interface in the Power Apps maker portal does not have the option to navigate to the objects.


What makes the feature even worse is that you cannot rezise the column width in the list of dependant objects. So often if the objects have long names (like workflows usually have) it can be very difficult to figure out the full names of the different objects so you can go find them (since you no longer can just open them directly from the view). You can't even hoover above the object display name to get a tooltip that shows the full name.


I seems that this view is rather half baked in general.

Status: New
Regular Visitor

I fully agree with this suggestion.  Further, I would like the ability to export the list of dependencies.  At the very least, be able to size the window to full screen.  Right now, when there are many dependencies, I go through an exercise of taking screenshots of the limited display so I can work through them.  


The maker portal experience for this feature is worse than the classic solution explorer, which is generally not the case.  I hope this can be corrected soon.