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Option to restrict the SharePoint PowerApps Form close when clicks outside of the form.

It would be helpful if there is an option to restrict the closing of SharePoint list customized PowerApps form when we click on the outside of the form. I see in the default SharePoint list form(OOTB), it's restricting to close the app when user clicks on outside the form. Similary it should work in the customized form as well.

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

There are so many times we can't even think about using SharePoint to streamline a process because we would just end up spending our time trying to explain how all these little idiosyncrasies are supposed to work (to a base of users who really don't care and use other systems that are simply intuitively discoverable). Users think that when they enter the information and click away from the form (which shouldn't be allowed without explicitly either cancelling or saving) that the information is saved. We had to stop using this for anything important (pretty much everything) because there was no way to ensure that all the various users could be made to understand that even though you click away and open the form again and you still the information, it will be lost unless you remember to click the save button (often they don't notice its lost until later when they go back and its not there).


Without the ability to make a user explicitly cancel or save to exit edit mode, PowerApps custom forms for SharePoint are utterly unusable.