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Option to view all the formulas used in an App at once

In my app there are lot of fields (>100) & has lot of interdependent fields & many conditions applied. This had me write a lots of formulas. But this has made it difficult to view all the formulas used at once, which is required when, lets say, if I want to see how many formulas has same condition or has one particular field referred.


It would have been better if there was an option to see all the formulas used in different forms>fields. The same way we can see all the collections, flows used in app. This could make life lot easier.

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I second this idea. It would be nice if there could be a developer mode where it displays the formula location and an editable formula box. it would be cool if it could be filterable/searchable too.  

something like the following: 

screencontrol namepropertyformula
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This is a good one, similar to MS Access documenter.