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Outlook Connector: Add ability to get OWA Folder IDs and working URLs, and to use URLs with folder names



In a Service Order app, it is desired to visualize the emails and assign them to specific users. 

Simple email moving and replies would be implemented, but it is not desired to replicate a full-fledged email app inside PowerApps. 

If more than a basic reply or the Service Order managemen actions are necessary, the user would like to click on a link to break out of the Service Order app into a OWA tab with the folder and message already selected. 


Currently it is impossible to build the URL to OWA with the information provided by the existing functions. 




Office365.GetEmailsV2 and Office365.GetEmail do not fetch the Folder ID or a fully qualified URL to open the message in OWA. 


This causes the user to be unable to create a fully qualified link to Launch() another window to OWA with the folder and message already selected. 


OWA currently does not accept plain FolderPaths in the URL (human-readable folder names), it only accepts FolderIDs.


OWA accepting FolderPaths in the URL would also be desired to make it easier to build OWA URLs, but it's beyond the scope of PowerApps Ideas I believe. 

Status: New