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PCF : Add Lookup type for properties

Currently, it is not possible to define a property for attribute type Lookup.

Please add support for this type

Status: Planned

Currently planned for the next semester (April 2020) - please note that actual delivery dates can change .



New Member

The year 2020 is nearing its end and I wonder what the current status of this (very substantial) feature is. PCF has a long way behind and it's a pity that a substantial feature like support for Lookup attribute types (simple and partylist) are still not supported. I am hoping for these since I first used PCF's (predecessor) preview version back in 2018.


@HemantG  Could you please give us an update on this?

Power Apps

Unfortunately this feature got pushed out due to Teams  prioritization along with the canvas PCF GA . 


We will scope the next semester items in Jan 2021 and this will be evaluated.  Will update the thread once we have clarity.



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Do you have any update on this one? We need this functionality in our ISV solution.

Meanwhile, can you propose any workaround?




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We have an implementation at a customer where we need to use the info of a "Country"-lookup. There is no way we can get/update the value of that field without using the "CE"-context.

When will we finally be able to use "Lookup"-fields in our "PCF"-controls? This was planned begin last year, but still no sign of this.

Is there a workaround? We need this in a solution for our customer.

Kind Regards,