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PCF: WebApi and Metadata Requests inside harness

For PCF development, can you please provide a way to use the sdk WebApi and Utility.getEntityMetadata inside the harness. This could be some ideas for this purpose, but maybe you have some more:

  • Of course a "fake parser" based on some sample data would be best (something like FakeXrmEasy does for PlugIns (, because this way we could make also unitests.
  • There could be some other scenarios like have a connection to a CRM/CDS System somewhere.
  • Maybe the fastest workarround would be to allow us to know at least that the page is running inside harness (some property somewhere); this way we could provide some error handling with sample data. It's not a nice approach, but maybe this could be usefull also for other stuff too (like fake context)

Best regards,


Status: Under Review
Power Apps Staff
Status changed to: Under Review