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PDF Viewer support for PDF documents in Sharepoint Libraries that require authentication

If the point of PowerApps is to promote building of "Enterprise" Apps, then surely you need to have access to Sharepoint Document libraries that only authenticated Users can access.


Currently you can only view PDFs that reside in libraries that allow anonymous access, quite pointless in an Enterprise environment. That makes this feature useless for most of us.


This one feature would really open a whole lot of possibilities in Enterprise scenarios, especially when trying to wean Users off e-mail oriented workflows.

Status: Planned

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could display actual PDF documents stored in #SharePoint in your #PowerApps?


And wouldn't it be even more cool if doing it was super easy 🤗.


Viewing PDFs from SharePoint within your PowerApps

Viewing actual PDF documents stored in SharePoint that only authenticated users have permission to access has actually been possible for some time without any workarounds or hacks for that matter using v2 of the SharePoint REST Graph APIs.


According to the documentation on Microsoft's website pertaining to the v2 Graph APIs, the APIs are still in Beta and not supported on production environments as it is possible they may still change. That said, compared to no real alternate solution these APIs are awesome. There is very little you cannot do using these APIs.


I have uploaded a video of a demo app I have developed to YouTube, and I am finalized a blog wrt how I developed this app which talks to an incredible amount of other functionality implemented in the demo app that many App Makers have been asking for for years in addition to new functionality very few people would have even considered yet that is in fact possible to do today, again showcased in the demo video I posted today. 


Check out the demo video if you want to saw some awesone "new" functionality that will blow your mind.


The corrosponding blog for this demo should be posted within about a week.