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PDF Viewer support for PDF documents in Sharepoint Libraries that require authentication

If the point of PowerApps is to promote building of "Enterprise" Apps, then surely you need to have access to Sharepoint Document libraries that only authenticated Users can access.


Currently you can only view PDFs that reside in libraries that allow anonymous access, quite pointless in an Enterprise environment. That makes this feature useless for most of us.


This one feature would really open a whole lot of possibilities in Enterprise scenarios, especially when trying to wean Users off e-mail oriented workflows.

Status: Planned
Advocate II

This is a no brainer please get it done.

Regular Visitor

Most company documents cannot be in an unauthenticated location. Opening PDFs from SharePoint doclibs is crucial.

New Member

This is a bocking issue for me aswell Smiley Sad

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Come on guys, this should have been pushed already. The restriction really makes PDF View pointless.

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Is there any update or idea of when this feature will be available? Would make intergration with Sharepoint document libaries very powerful. I have an app on hold now pending this feature.

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I agree with everyone here -- this feature is essentailly useless.  I can't build a useful enterprise app to make content available where I have to manage some content in SharePoint (lists) and some in the App itself (PDFs).


I really wish there was some kind of update on the status/progress of this.

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In the meantime, a tooltip should explain where PDFs must be stored... the obvious location is SharePoint and most people will be astonished that powerapps doesn't this.
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Is there any update on this? I was using a button with the OnSelect action set to Launch(ThisItem.'{Link}') with great success until recently when something changed and it no longer functions the way it did. The obvious solution would be for the PDF viewer to support SharePoint Online stored documents. 

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I agree with all comments, please fix this! What is the point of this control otherwise? Or at least give some pointers in the help. I cannot believe it takes this much time to get a simple update from your end on such a trivial issue.

Did absolutely nobody thought of this when they made a PDF-viewer?

Advocate IV

Please comment on when we might expect this.