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PDF Viewer support for PDF documents in Sharepoint Libraries that require authentication

If the point of PowerApps is to promote building of "Enterprise" Apps, then surely you need to have access to Sharepoint Document libraries that only authenticated Users can access.


Currently you can only view PDFs that reside in libraries that allow anonymous access, quite pointless in an Enterprise environment. That makes this feature useless for most of us.


This one feature would really open a whole lot of possibilities in Enterprise scenarios, especially when trying to wean Users off e-mail oriented workflows.

Status: Planned
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Any movement on this tool? We are trying to use this across our network....

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Can we at least get an ETA so that we can plan and communicate accordingly?

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You could take a look at


Where Paul Culmsee explains how to get this working with flow.

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In response to thyestes suggestion.


 I've followed the videos steps word for word but unfortuantely there is no information on the FolderHandler custom connector which seems to be an integral part for this to work.

This will solve an issue for a project im working on and will mean i dont need to wait for the powerapp integration of this feature

Any ideas how to create this custom connector??

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What is the status of this?


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Hi guys,

I managed to get PDF control display files from sharepoint list attachments. So you may want to organize your data differently. 

I'm using flow to add attachment to list item, when user uploads document.

Then, in PowerApps, i'm using this function to extract item's attachment and pass it on to my screen with PDF control:





SharePoint Images Powered Up In PowerApps


Any image stored in SPO, rendered within a PowerApps app in any resolution as you so desire.

This same solution also enables you to view Word or PowerPoint documents stored in SPO transformed on the fly into PDF documents within PowerApps.

Unfortunately I have not been able (as yet at least) to render PDF documents stored in SPO within PowerApps...


[Edit: Paul Culmsee has since posted a great blog wrt viewing Word / Office documents:

 Some seriously powerful (and free) PDF functionality in PowerApps and Flow ]



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Will someone from Microsoft PowerApps team please respond to this plea from all of us users!!


The PDF viewer is really dead if it can't connect to a SharePoint doc lib for its source.  


We really need to have this fixed ASAP!!


Please at least give us an ETA for a solution!


Even Paul's Floxy has issues and only seems to work from the developer app and not as a downloaded app.

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@EPM_H- this is actually possible, if you use it in conjuntion with Flow. 


From your PowerApp, add a Flow, set the flow up with the first action to be SharePoint - Get File Contents and add in the library you want to query in Site Address & File Identifier as Getfilecontent_FileIdentifier (this is the ID being passed from PowerApps to Flow). 


Then add an action to Respond to PowerApps. Select File as the output type and give it a name (mine is just file). Then enter the following using the expression tab: base64(triggerBody()['Getfilecontent_FileIdentifier']) - you must use the expression tab to enter this formula or it will error (steps: Expression > Conversion functions > More > Base64, then use the dynamic content tab to enter Getfilecontent_FileIdentifier in the formula. Then apply). 


Call you flow something meaningful like GetFileContentFlow.


Back in PowerApps, call the Flow with something like an onSelect on a button: 


Button.OnSelect = ClearCollect(FileContent, GetFileContentFlow.Run('{Identifier}'))


This creates a new collection called FileContent and puts the document in it with the name as detailed in the Flow. 


Now set your PDF Viewer Document property to be First(FileContent).file 


This makes it possible to query a document library using the meta data, pass the Identifier property of a file to Flow which returns the file to PowerApps as a single row collection. Selecting the first file in that collection will display it in the PDF viewer. 



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Hilarious considering the PDF viewer doesn't even work. PowerApps dev got to have a better picture of the app situation. They are working on advance features while basic things don't even work. (Files, gestures, QR...)