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PLEASE give us a real code editor

PLEASE give us a real code editor. This dropdown thing has to go. How about using Monaco?

Status: Started

This is definitely a journey -- but we're on it. We've recently shipped commenting and the ability to auto-format formulas ("pretty print"), and there's more on the way for this experience

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AMEN! @RusselGove!!!!  Monaco editor is the gold standard to aim for, IMO, too.  Now that I am spending more and more time in VS Code and Azure Data Studio, it's SOOOOOO painful to have to edit "code" in PApps "Studio."

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Looks like Monaco is the way to go. As someone who spends way too much time cutting and pasting between PA and VSCode, I would love to see an integrated Monaco editor I can dock where I need it (i.e. not covering the screen containing the controls I'm editing)