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Pack Azure Functions with solutions

Plugins are a fantastic extension tool for Dataverse, but they have limitations, especially around the libraries you can use. 

We have also Workflows and custom activities, but they are limited too!

Then came the Power Automate Cloud Flows, and a new world of services opened up. Now, if you want to add complex processing code involving libraries, you can host it somewhere as a service, then create a connector and call it from your Flow. 


Wouldn't be great if you could go one step further and pack all your custom complex code in an Azure Function package, give it a name, include it in a solution, and reference it directly from your Flows?


This will save you from a few manual steps, and it would open up lots of possibilities for ISVs, who will be able to pack more complex logic as part of their solutions, without requiring additional installation effort. 

Status: New