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Parent & Me - please add reference to the control itself.

We can reference control to a parent (Like Parent.Width, .Height, .Fill, etc.). For the controls however we have to reference it by it's name. So when I have a control name 'Label1' I can reference it bij Label1.Width, .Height, . Color, .Fill, etc.


It should be a great idea to add a global reference to the control itself. Me comes in mind as a good name for this parameter. So Me.Width, .Height, .Fill, etc.


This parameter would make it faster to copy formula's from control to control or add a formula to multiple selected controls. An example:


Say I have ten controls (Control1,2,3,4,5,...) and I want them to be at the left off my screen. I can then select them all and just do  the following formula on the X parameter: 

Parent.Width - Me.Width


Current I must adjust the formula for each control like:

Parent.Width - Control1.Width // for the first control
Parent.Width - Control2.Width // for the second control
Parent.Width - Control3.Width // for the third control
// and so on

This is time consuming because I have to copy/paste/adjust for each individual control.

So I would make a major time reduction to be able to do all ten controls in the same time.


Status: Under Review
Level: Power Up

This shows how immature PowerApps is. Not having Me. or ThisItem. etc.

Microsoft Access has had this Self OO approach since the 1990's.

Come on guys, you can do better that this.

Level: Powered On

My preference is "ThisControl" more so than "This" or "Me" or "Self."  I think a bit more wording will make it easier for newbies to differentiate between "ThisItem" for the data record reference versus "ThisControl" for the properties of the control itself.


Someone pointed out that JS uses "This."  I would have to agree that that is a strong argument for using that notation even with my limited JS skills, I still look at PowerApps formulas like JS scripts.  But if I get to pick, "ThisControl."  But at this point, I'll take ANYTHING as anyway to self-reference will be a HUGE time saver.