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Parse JSON in PowerApps

Hi everyone,


The new JSON function in PowerApps is great and we have been using it extensively. Another great addition would be to parse JSON directly in PowerApps. If PowerApps receives a stringified JSON string, it should be able to easily Parse this and use this data in the app, to write it into a collection, variable or whatever.


We have been using the HTTP response in flow to return dynamic data to PowerApps, but seeing that this is now longer included in the Office 365 entitlement and that normal Respond To PowerApps Flow action not supporting Arrays or JSON, this request is quite urgent.


Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.


Kind regards


Dawid van Heerden
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Status: Completed
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Thanks @FredericForest  Smiley Happy

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Excellent suggestion @DavesTechTips 


Let's even push this to a perfect scenario... be able to use that JSON to construct a dynamic collection 😉

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@DavesTechTips  and @ZePowerDiver this would be perfect, create JSON from a collection  and then create the collection from JSON text. Was trying to implement using a JSON string to save that values from a form that are unstructure from row to row instead of adding a bunch of unused columns. Problem is getting the JSON back, then setting the control's default for editing.


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It would be an important improvement to add this possibility in PowerApps directly.

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This would essentially allow users to "save" collections to be used in a another session. Im surprise it's not available now!

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You have my vote.  Now that I have really gotten into the weeds of Flow I can't believe how everything useful is pretty much hidden behind a paywall / premium connector.

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Agreed! It would definitely empower users and PowerApps.

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Badly needed even for the new 'Environment Variables' feature that seems to support JSON values...