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Parse JSON in PowerApps

Hi everyone,


The new JSON function in PowerApps is great and we have been using it extensively. Another great addition would be to parse JSON directly in PowerApps. If PowerApps receives a stringified JSON string, it should be able to easily Parse this and use this data in the app, to write it into a collection, variable or whatever.


We have been using the HTTP response in flow to return dynamic data to PowerApps, but seeing that this is now longer included in the Office 365 entitlement and that normal Respond To PowerApps Flow action not supporting Arrays or JSON, this request is quite urgent.


Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.


Kind regards


Dawid van Heerden
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Status: Started

We are actively working on this, we are hoping to have a solution out this summer.  Stay tuned!

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Very needed

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I just lost hours of work because I assumed this functionality would be a given. I sent a JSON encoded collection of images to Flow to create in SharePoint. Returning an array of the image URLs was critical to my app.

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This, or "reponse method" needs to be included with regular licencing. There is data I can get via Flow from Office 365 Source - which are INCLUDED - in my licencing that I can't send back into PowerApps. 

For example, I'd like a PA that can list libraries from a SharePoint site so I can pick where to save a document attachment. But I can't return the array of lists and libraries. 

If the licencing logic is "custom data sources" need additionnal licences, then returning an array into PA should not be an additional cost. 

There are a million scenarios in which NO external / premium data sources are hit but where we just need to return an array back into PA.

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@GregLi  is a super star! I wish I knew what his twitter handle was, but is seems to be top secret 😉

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It would be super nice that PowerApps could receive a JSON response that does not require a Schema to be parsed. 


For example, I have a Cosmos DB, which uses some patterns to give all my JSON documents a basic structure, but each document type has specific properties. 


I intermediate communication between PowerApps and Cosmos DB using Power Automate (Flow). 


With the current model, for each different document type, I have to create a different Power Automate function, to parse each type of document with a specific schema, to then send to PowerApps. 

This adds a lot of overhead. 


Conversely, in the same current model, I can just save any document to Cosmos without individual functions. 

I just call JSON() to a record, collection or variable, then submit it from PowerApps to a single Power Automate Function, which I called Upsert().

So I can put in information to Cosmos in a frictionless manner, calling Run.Upsert(<json string>).

But I fetching information is not nearly as frictionless, as I have to create individual functions for each schema - because there is no ParseJSON()


For simmetry, PowerApps's ParseJSON() should be able to understand the same kind of schema that Power Automate's ParseJSON() does - but for PowerApps, providing a Schema as a second parameter should be optional. The function should be able to imply from the data.


I would love to Collect(myCol, ParseJSON(<json_string>)).


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The issue here is that the only way to get JSON back into PowerApps is via the HTTP response method. This is a Premium feature. I understand that connecting to Custom / Premium / Azure sources require additionnal licencing. But this feature restriction goes against this philosophy. I could use the HTTP response method WITHOUT calling any Premium features.

For example, I can use HTTP Call to SharePoint without using a P1 / P2 / PerApp licence. But I can't push the reply back into my PowerApps.


Please let us either deserialize JSON in the PowerApps, or at least let us do an HTTP Response Method without needing a premium licence. 

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I agree 100%.  I'm using Flow connecting to SharePoint data and I simply want to return that data to my PowerApps.  Why should that be premium?  Either allow the array to be returned to PowerApps or make an option to parse the JSON on the client side.  This is critical to my project's success!

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This would be huge! Please look at this! We have been PowerApps over the last 2 years and can never implement anything because this feature is missing. In our case, we need to be able to interpret JSON strings stored in an SP list.


Cheers! 🙂