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Partner / Admin User Access to CRM Online Organizations

Author Name: Ryan Plourde

Create a Partner / Admin user role that can login to a customer's Dynamics CRM Online account without needing a paid user subscription.

This would allow Partners or IT Admin to better support Dynamics CRM Online without requiring a paid user subscription.

Access would be governed by the customer.

A customer's success with CRM Online is oftentimes dependent on the Partner Communities involvement. A Partner / Admin user would allow for better CRM Online support which would result in less attrition.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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This would also mean that you don't have to have a "normal" user holding the system administrator role, which usually means that some nominated senior manager has a very poor CRM experience as you can't turn off the entities they are not using. You have to extensively customise the SiteMap and every entity's form navigation pane to try to reduce the clutter they experience (which is still not enough, as they have entities appear in advanced find, and in lookup lists which non-admin users don't get if they have been given zero access rights to them). This is also more effort all round, and harder to reverse back in later (compared to simply editing a security role).
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CRM Online gives us the opportunity to sell to very small businesses. But the price to have a Partner Admin Account is just to high if they are under 5 users. So there is some obvious problem in MS business plan for CRM Online. As Adam Vero said, I'm not comfortable giving admin access to a user who has no knowledge of CRM.
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It amazes me that partners can not have an individual active user account per solution that the customer does not have to pay activation and user license for when the solution goes into operation, and the trial period expires. In practice, this means that we can only help a customer subsequently via our Hot Line Agreement, etc., by asking the customer stand idle and initiate a remote access to us (TeamViewer session) or otherwise have access via their desktop. - It seems inflexible. The customer can not understand why they should pay for an extra user license for their partner, not using the solution on a daily basis, but only adapts and develops solution to an actually useful state in their auspices. Would it be possible that you implement 1 default account (system adapts / administrator, initial state = disabled, if no partner is selected). This secure, that we as partners always can use to access the solution of each individual customer with, WITHOUT a need for an extra paid account for this onsite by activation. The customer can select a partner when creating a solution. Here it would be obvious that the selected partner got an email and automatically assigned a "free" user account into the solution.