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Pass parameters from Model-driven for to embedded Canvas app

Today we are able to pass parameters into a Canvas app, when the Canvas app is either hosted in an iframe or using the player. When using an embedded Canvas app in a Model-driven form, we are unable to pass parameters to the Canvas app. This causes a problem because the only way to display a Canvas app on a Model-driven form on a mobile device is via the embedded Canvas app control.


Is there a way we can get this feature worked on?

Status: New
Advocate II

I have run into this problem as well.  If you are calculating these parameters via front-end code then unfortunately there is nothing you can do that I know of.  Otherwise you have a couple of choices for a workaround.


A) Create Environment Variables in a solution and lookup that item in the canvas app.

B) Create calculated fields on the related entity and reference that in your app.

For both cases you can then potentially use the JSON() function in the canvas app to parse out the json objects into records.