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Password encrypted excel file

I thought it would be helpful to create a password in Excel and then give access to Powerapps to it can still access the excel file. I want to keep the excel file protected but still allow Powerapps to access it. Maybe adding a feature where I can type in the password of my excel file so Powerapps has access to it. 

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Yes i Agree to Shawn's point, I also need similar functionality. It is always a challenge of protecting the information to view from one location user with other . Thus if we get this functionality in powerapps where the source data(exel file) can be locked for viewing but can only access the tables through powerapps (ofcourse, the password to access the excel source can be applied in DAX formulas) , it would be of great help.


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Is there any apps or tool in Microsoft Team where i can use to store a list of Password login like a password keeper? thanks