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Paste In Place

Something that is really frustrating is when you copy something from one screen and try paste it in another, but for some reason it doesn't paste it at the same co-ordinates, it offsets them. Is there anyway to change it, or give another  paste option/shortcut to paste at the same co-ordinates you copied the original element from, because that would've saved me so much time 🙂

Status: Planned
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Thank you so much for posting this idea. I've wanted to do it for a long time but never found the time to do so... Smiley Happy

PowerApps Team: I'd really appreciate if this idea could become a reality... It is so annoying to have to move the controls once they were pasted. And if I may add: all properties for the pasted controls should stay intact (so if a control has a formula for its position, please do not replace it with a numeric value).



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Hi @Curaxu,

To save you some headaches, as a current workaround you can set the coordinates as a formula that'll calculate to your desired coordinates.

For example, if you'd like a Component to exist at 450x/100y for every screen you copy it into - set the X formula to 450/1 and the Y formula to 100/1.

PowerApps will maintain these formulas in the copy, thus saving you having to move them again.



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This is really needed, currently when you copy/paste a group that is full screen height the items in the group resize and move based on how close to the bottom of the screen the paste places the item. 


A hacky workaround is to set the X and Y value to a formula. For example, set the X = 0 + 100 to keep the item at X=100 when copied.

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@ohthreesixfive @pcmccull 


Cheers for that advice, that's saved SO much time - hopefully they come up with a fix soon, but thanks for thi solution!

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Thanks @Curaxu for this really useful idea. Especially in regards to canvas apps this would be definitely a huge time saver.

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Status changed to: Planned