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Paste in Images in Rich Text Box in Portal and Dynamics 365 CE Model Driven App

Ability for users to Paste images directly into a rich text box both in the Portal and Dynamics 365 CE (Model Driven App) - Exactly how the PowerApps Forum Body works! This is a big request from internal users and customers via the Portal for clearer communication



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New Member

Need this feature added in Dynamics 365 RICH TEXT EDITOR

Need to copy and paste a screen clip


WOuld paste a clipping but it doesnt work here either


Regular Visitor

Most of our clients basically refuse to use the portal simply because it's easier to just send an email.  We can get away with easy navigation to our portal, but without the ability to copy/paste screenshots to show us their issue, they don't see the point.  Please save our portal!  We need Rich Text Formatting in Dynamics Portal.  Has anyone find a workable workaround in the meantime? 

New Member

This seems like rather basic functionality for a rich text box.  Please add as this is causing major frustration amongst team and clients.