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Patch Attachments

Allow the Patch function to work with Attachments so that a user can patch an attachment to a SharePoint List using a form.

Status: New
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You ought to be able to save an Attachment field if it's incorporated into a form; the Attachment will be saved along with all other changes when you incorporate the Updates property of the form in the Patch Call.

  YourList,           // SharePoint List
  TargetRecord,       // Target record
  MyForm.Updates      // including the Attachments field

Hope this helps

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Please any help?

How do I create a gallery with data from 4 sharepoint lists without using a lookup. 3 of the lists have columns with IDs from the 4th lists ID (Primary key). Can anyone help me with the syntax.

Than you.


@RezaDorrani  @Shanescows @aprildunnam @Dhruvin

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You could avoid the formalism of creating SharePoint lists with a Lookup from one to another.


For a Master-Detail relationship pattern, you could keep a reference Number field on the Detail list that is a copy of the value of the Master list's ID field.  What you lose with not having this reference field implemented as a lookup field are:

  • Additional fields other than the Lookup field cannot be relied upon to be updated when the source records' data is updated.  This would allow you to pick fields that aren't the primary lookup: if you're using a list to provide authority data, you might have a lookup in the Authority List's ID, and also link in one or more description fields.  An example of this might be a list comprising a directory of contacts.
  • The facility to control behaviour when the referenced list record is removed is lost.
    • If I had a Master-Detail record, I might want to "cascade delete" the detail data along with the Master record.  This can't be done if there is no Lookup relationship between the Master record and its logical Detail record - this is not enforced at SharePoint list level.  You are stuck with having to delete the Detail records of the removed Master record in code.
    • The converse of the cascade delete behaviour is to prevent deletion of a referenced record unless the referring record is removed.  This is not enforced at SharePoint list level either.
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Thanks @PowerunAppy

Helper I

I like this idea - a lot - because I want to be able to patch the attachment(s) WITHOUT using a form!