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People Picker enable filtering to groups (O365, AAD security groups and SharePoint group

For large organzations (we have ~45,000 users, not counting service accounts), it would be useful to be able to filter the results of a combo box or drop-down for selecting "Users" to only include specific groups (be they O365 groups or Azue AD security groups or groups from a SharePoint site). 


The Person column type in SharePoint already support the last option there, but I don't know if the restriction would carry over when that field is surfaced in PowerApps. Still, even if it did, there is a legitimate need to filter by the other types of groups.


For example, we're a University with Faculty, Staff and Students. We have AAD groups for each of these populations (actually, two for Students: undergraduates and gradstudents) and there are many cases where we create lists or forms where users should only be able to select from one population (e.g.: only allow students to select from the Faculty group when submitting a request for a recommendation letter).

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I have the same exact need.  I have an HR form where the user is to select their Director from a people picker field. I only want them to be able to choose a Director's name and not just any random employee. I can make the people field select only from a sharepoint group, but that entails ensuring that groups gets updated every time we have a new director or one leaves. I want to filter only on the Director ACL from AD preferrably.   Any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Would love to see a filter option. We use a people picker field but all guest (EXT) accounts are also visable. We would like to filter these out so only internal users can be selected.


[After a brief research we found that we can solve our problem by creating the SharePoint list on a site collection which is disabled for sharing externally]

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Actual there are no possibilities to filter a People Picker only on Groups, like all Office 365 Groups from a Tenant. Also, due to Office365.User.Connector Limitations it is not possible to filter Users by Department (User-Attribute), because the Connectoir fetches only the first 999 Users from a large AAD.

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FWIW, I was able to solve my primary issue by using the Office 365 Users connector and a gallery filtered to display only users with a non-blank job title (we're a university, all faculty/staff have job titles, students do not, and I just need a way to remove students from the search results). I got the idea from this video from @aprildunnam :