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Pivot Table like excel

Bring the ability to resume a table in other format...summarize, count, etc.

Create new columns in base to source table sum or div, etc

We Need a control that approach to a pivot table performance like in excel... Something...To work with local collections

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This will be really useful!

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by any chance any update on this?


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Please, also allow to display custom data, not only sum, count, etc. The best will be allow to create something like a form in the cell to display data.

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This could be a really neat feature to have indeed !
We miss a way to edit over large table of data and visualize intermediate summaries.
Any update ?

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I want to add that it is possible to achieve a sort of pivot table with nested galleries. But the max amount of nesting is set to 2.
Three nestings would at least allow us to make group and sub total for row and columns.
See here :
and here :

Maybe we can use another aproach and use a ClearCollect to format the data source rather than having on the fly calculation in the galleries.